Our hearts go out…



When something tragic happens like what occurred today in that school on the east coast – it reminds me of how this world is still a wild and sometimes unpredictable place. The lives of the ones we love, or anyone of us, can be taken away so easily by someone who is angry and misunderstood. 

Those who are at the end of their mental or emotional rope with no one to trust or confide in will take their anger out on something or somebody.  It is an irrational action, it may be cowardly, it is certainly misguided but it is done from a standpoint of mental illness. 
Watch for the signs.
Someone who is uncharacteristicly nervous, withdrawn, unrealistic, seems unhappy, pessimistic or has been missing for a while – they may just need a kind word, a smile, a pat on the back or a hug to have a positive influence and help them turn a corner where they may have thought that there wasn’t anything good left to experience. 
We can be outraged by the events in the Connecticut school this day but what responsibility are we taking for the future and the prevention of similar events?
Consider the saying “Our hearts go out to them” which is used in situations that are often tragic and sad. If our hearts were always “going out” then we would create and send out a collectively and consistently self-healing and supportive environment. We can’t reach everyone – but the nurturing of those who’s lives that we can have a positive impact on by showing and engaging in outward peaceful deeds and actions can start right now.

This is what it means “It takes a whole village to raise a child” 

The safety, health and well being of all of our fellow citizens depends a little bit on all of us – if we all do our part and set a good example and share positive energy with those around us – we create a better world to live in.  For you, for me and especially our children.

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More info on mental illnesses on link below



Slow Loading Karma

Lost youth, chipped shoulder and clipped wings
Loitering for the lack of love and focus
Living life in deepness as thick as LED screens
Ghetto scenes with no struggle other than
a slow loading facebook page
Time for an upgrade, a buy out or bail
All the fragments of your life’ll soon be on sale
Black Friday’s and Blue Monday past
All the loves of this life – never meant to last
Instant karma is written and the struggle’s mold is cast
Meant only for the possibility – a new vessel
The same wind that blows a sail
Is the breath that shapes the glass