Scratching the Surface


Mind Body Spirit
I am very satisfied with the decision to follow a different career path it has been very fulfilling to have gone back to school to pursue holistic healing which has been an interest of mine of many years.  There are many reasons for changing career paths such as heeding a life calling, financial independence, entrepreneurial spirit and applying accumulated skills to something you are truly interested in that is more than just a job.  I have made kinetic based arts my area of study for over 18 years and whether it has been pursuing perfection in a dance form or understanding practical applications in martial arts – I feel uniquely adapted to the healing arts and have applied my knowledge quite effectively in this field. Besides being independent – the first and foremost reason for my interest in holistic healing is caring for those closest to me and that it answers many of the questions to the health crisis that is happening the world over.

Mind: Moderates Body & Spirit
Most people do not understand how to be healthy or heal themselves by doing something that is good for them everyday of their lives.  The expression “We are what we eat” has been used extensively to describe how what we put in our body’s becomes us. It is a good analogy to describe that we can not eat something and not be affected by it.

A much less used but also true philosophy is: “What we think becomes us”, just as true in it’s abstract – ideas, thoughts and feelings are what make each persons reality.  In essence, the world and it’s contents are the same but only change within each person’s and or group’s perceptions and conditioning.

Body: Supports Mind & Spirit
It can be seen in the west how we typically address a dysfunction when it’s a full blown crisis and want a silver bullet or magic pill to correct the problem without attention to the greater details of what caused the issue.  In short, we neglect to address and correct those items that consider the whole picture.

We can inarguably see how this way of operating affects relationships within family, politics, religion, business and both mental and physical health.  Should we await a magic pill that will quiet the symptoms which in most cases only addresses the tip of the iceberg – or become part of the solution that heals and fortifies against the likelihood of falling ill in the future and goes to root of the dysfunction?

Spirit: Elevates Mind & Body
I have seen how holistic medicine has effectively helped and cured those who felt that the only answer was a miracle and I have experienced it for myself.  I am very fortunate to have been recruited by some very talented and generous mentors who have given me access to knowledge and experience that greatly multiplies what I am learning in school.  I have made it my goal to understand this Mind-Body-Spirit relationship at its core and bring it to those who need it most. This is my quest – for me, for you and for our people.