Can a good night sleep eliminate pain? Maybe it’s a good start.


Eliminate pain in 6 weeks, for only a few hours per week?  Don’t loose anymore sleep, it’s been done and it’s natural.

For the many years of martial arts and dance activities that I’ve done, including performing, competing, coaching, teaching and refereeing  – I’ve found that doing some type of self-care activity can relieve various muscle aches, pain and tension.   What I also noticed, was that typically, the muscle aches, pain and tension would be right back again after few days!

I often wondered why those recommended youtube stretching videos, a visit to the doctor with a prescription, or a supplement that reported good results didn’t seem to take care of all my physical symptoms like pain, tension or stress for any lasting amount of time.

After some time and trying many types of therapies and supplements, I found the answer was quite simple really – it lied in balancing my chosen self-care activities consistently with some other basic elements to get a consistent and cumulative result.

Balancing any complex system takes some thought, planning and consistency to see continuous great results.

Many repetitive strain injury disorders can be due to high intensity activities as well as sustained low intensity ones.  So yes, activities like sitting in a car, at a desk, typing, texting and even sleeping can cause muscular disorders as well as the high intensity ones like sports, dancing or any physical work.

***Myself included – I used to work out and feel that my lower back and shoulder (which for a long time for me were chronic issues) would  feel better right after but then be in pain after a couple of days again (and sometimes worse)!  I would lay off the gym activities because I was afraid to aggravate my condition.  I would also stop taking supplements consistently because of their questionable benefits.

I would say the worst part of this reoccurring experience was the nagging feeling that I wasn’t getting better and that being in pain seemed to be the norm

Overall I would say i was pretty discouraged and tired of being in pain all the time but what really bothered me was the fear that I wouldn’t be able to do the activities I enjoyed most.   I’m a pretty active person with hobbies and interests like dancing, swimming, water-sports, motorcycling, hiking, to name a few. When it got bad enough that I couldn’t keep up with my kids and even walking was uncomfortable, I decided something progressive needed to be done.

After trying many different therapies and self-care activities I found that they all had something to offer in the way of relief or therapeutic value.  Most of the massage modalities helped me feel better for a day or two, some exercise & stretch routines helped a little and so did taking supplements/joint health vitamins but I never felt like I could rise above the reoccurring pain in my lower back and shoulder.

I found that when we decide to take a certain supplement or doing a self-care exercise or trusting a therapist to address our pain – the goal is to improve and never feel it again.

Rarely does one supplement or drug, one day of exercise or one day at a therapist office ever do the trick. Even Thai massage, which is one of the best muscular therapies available, is not enough by itself.

What I failed to understand is that although getting better is the goal – I found out getting better is actually a process that requires us to be involved daily.

Mostly we are goal oriented society and when we decide to start something — the focus is the goal or the end product. 

With something as complex as the human body – understand that the focus should be on having processes that work on multiple levels otherwise we will not fully address a body that is always in the state of processing something: food, liquids, toxins, stress, thoughts & emotions.

Sure it’s a complex subject but can be easier with some framework – click on the link below for some more insight.

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