The Reset


For those thinking that what cinema presents is real
Or searching for that picture perfect relationship appeal

It’s a real inspiration that it could happen if you visualize your truth
The second and hardest part is that you’ll have to fight for it with nail & tooth

It’s not for all to push or pull – some just want a Sunday drive
But some believe since their mind’s eye was opened – they’ve been down to to ride or die

Days like these it’s inspirational to see young families making new additions
In great promise for equal footing for all those with with hope and ambition

Increasing peace even in the wake of hate & violence
Reaching deap as the soul to show that the love thing is the wildest

Although pride & prejudice may keep us apart, keep her from calling or picking up

Past wounds need to heal without judgement to establish respect
Letting go of past programs, hypocrisies and a time to introspect

Today’s connection is through a thing called smart but that’s merely scratching the surface
Although using it with intelligence can achieve real purpose

We’ve come up through grace and hard work says the Presidential chair
But to our forefathers malice we can never compare

There is a wild beauty in all our differences
Just like a sense of safety in familiar references

Great strides have been made in the struggle for understanding
It’s an effort and investment that’s uncomfortable and demanding

It becomes a task at hand – it’s your decision
Is your head up from pride or in recognition  –
Do we exude stubborness or wish to reconcile
The past offenses have been compiled

If humans be the most advanced animals – let there be proof
Let’s choose to reprogram, rewire the escalator to go up