Ash & Grain

Dream about everything because it overcomes fear
Plan for love to come back to you – even though maybe it never will

A mountain is made, a multitude of grains – particles beyond imagination
In their smallest forms can be washed away instantly – but in multitudes can weather many storms

Ash from fire stains the window of the souls eye and I can not see you through the vortex
A swirling window, a door to the place where I accumulate my missing particles – the pieces that confirm my form here and cure so much sadness that I have carried from the world

This gratification has never come easy or instant because suffering leaves the filters of a machine obstructed – until the correct solvent is found that can cleanse the spirit once more
Healing the lungs from ash that has choked us from recieving le souffle d’amour

The pragmatic asks, “how can it?” While the romantic speaks of dreams and sings of tomorrow
The literary recites qoutes of lore, speaks of fairness and how we are destined to repeat
Mathematicians tally the score and look for the angles to correct (and only right angles are correct)

Are we limited only by our mind or just our limitations? Does the body heal without the psyche’s approval?
Why do grains from the mountain wash away instead of accumulating with their brothers?
And why do the ashes of this newly grown tree fly on the wind to land directly on my pupils to paint my vision forever with your lovely limbs?

It is not only to ask – it is only to live in wonder, to run into the vortex – naked with only the armor of d’amour
That which heals you in mind & body – Turtle Shell Panther Spirit flying with Raven-Crow Wind Walker Flow



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