End of expectations bring realization’s commencement.

Intimate connections in a big world feels like a heart coming home and I have been away so long.

What pattern have I missed? A blueprint of understanding and comfort feels like an essential revival from so much loneliness.

The pain in the world has this shell closed so tightly that I question if it could be real – is it possible? Sure a turtle knows it’s my path, but after being on the road so long with little evidence of a true heart and mind of who’s meant to share this empty vessel.

To fill it with comfort and honesty – to collaborate joy and even suffering and sometimes anguish.

Intersecting lines with so much to say have answered the 36 and the test of eye in 4 minutes to pass into 10 with no discomfort.

Do we realize that it may be a brilliant and passing light that only lasts for this moment? Bright hot and invigorating but maybe temporary like a hot day at the end of summer before so many leaves are primed to fall from magestic skeletons.

Alarms meant to awaken in the dark alone and cold have cheated me from the resolution of my dreams. Deposited in the warmth of this container but for awhile and again longing for this heat that’s now so far away.

What can we expect to gain from knowing this design but so soon separated from a partner in crime without building the architecture that has been glimpsed from a heart’s longing.

The road to filling this vessel may be lost like the tracks washed out by so much rain and distance between us. Our hearts if true will find the way back where the eyes may fail. Can we feel our way through this without going back into this shell of hibernation once again? Only the heart knows what the eyes don’t see.

I’m trusting that it’s true.


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